$10 Brim Referral Code: 79116

Earn unlimited 1% back on every dollar spent. Code allows unlimited uses and doesn't expire.

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2023 update: Earn 2% back at Amazon, 3% back at Apple*, and 8% back at Lululemon*. (*must shop through Brim online)

Brim is a credit card that isn't issued by a bank. Brim offers at least 1% cashback on every dollar spent, 0% foreign transaction fees, free wifi with Boingo (which can be used on Westjet), and offers cards with no annual fee.

Brim doesn't cap rewards on this card. It's a welcome alternative to the once popular Chase Amazon.ca VISA. A big benefit is the 0% foreign currency transaction fee. I use the basic card, but there are even more benefits and comprehensive insurance cover if you choose one of their premium cards. If you want to know how the Brim Mastercard stacks up, here's a comparison of some other cards and their features:

Brim Mastercard Hometrust VISA ROGERS Platinum Mastercard
Annual Fee $0 $0 $0
Foreign Currency Fee* 0% 0% 2.5%
Cashback 1% 1% 1%
Signup reward value $10 (with referral) $0 $25
Free Boingo Wifi Yes No Yes
Rental Car Insurance Yes No Yes
Fee Disclosure Click here Click here Click here
*Note that where the fee is 0% from the issuer, the Mastercard or VISA rate applies.

When you sign up here for the Brim Mastercard, you get $10 in cashback rewards which can be used to pay your credit card bill.